Campus History

Campus History
Turner Elementary
Turner Elementary opened its doors in 1992 with Nancy West as its principal. During the first year, there was only one street that could be used to access the campus. The street flooded so badly that all students had to be sent home by bus. In 1999, students began the campus tradition of performing at Houston Rockets games. In 2000, a tornado hit part of the building causing extensive damage and there were leaks in the roof until it was resurfaced in 2020. In 2004, Harvey and Judy Turner received the Sunshine Award for their contributions to Turner Elementary and other elementary schools where they tutored. Local news station KPRC arrived in a helicopter at Turner to present the award. A year later in 2005, Turner was the top earning school in the district for March of Dimes. In 2007, the principal, Keith Palmer, was named the Pasadena ISD Principal of the Year. In 2012, the campus lost its bilingual program. The current enrollment is around 600 students. 


-Top Science Fair winner for Pasadena ISD, 2008;   -Second place in the Big Shoot Out;
-Two time Can Do food drive trophy winner;
-First place in the “Name That Book” competition;
-and Oliver Foundation grant recipient. 

List of Principals:

-Nancy West 1992-1995
-Steve Laymon 1995-2001
-Keith Palmer 2001-2013
-Donna Duke 2013-2022
-Jennifer Kaatz 2022-present