First Grade

Junk Monster

Growing Plants

Growing Plants 2

              Shape Match

fruit shoot addition

Bug Eyed
Bug Eyed - Sight Words



Fruit Shoot
   Fruit Shoot

1st Grade Word D.docx

Lights and Shadows                   Shadow Investigation
Play the game, then watch the video.                Video

Country Lights, City Lights                    Light Guessing Game
Click on Songs.                                                 Click on Video.
Scroll down to Country Lights, City Lights.         Scroll down to Light Guessing Game.
Song: Listen, then replay and sing along.             Click play. 
Light Scavenger Hunt
 Click on investigations tab.
Scroll down to find Light Scavenger Hunt.
Play. Look for different light sources

Keyboarding Zoo             Spidertyper
     Keyboarding Zoo                        Spidertyper

Router's Birthday Surprise
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